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Ethan Haas

Ethan Haas Fellow/Doctor
Actor: Nicholas D'Agosto — First Appearance: Pilot — Last Appearance: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised


Dr. Ethan Haas, a brash young resident who works under Dr. Masters.

Dr. Haas takes an immediate liking to the uninhibited Virginia Johnson. He is devastated when she calls off their budding romance and his extreme reaction while drunk at a work event jeopardizes their working relationship.

Ethan reacts to the heartbreak by hooking up with a stream of other women who work for the hospital. He fails to connect to any of them in the way he did with Virginia and develops a bad reputation among the women in the hospital.

In constant competition with Dr. Masters because Dr. Haas believes Masters was the reason his relationship with Virginia halted, he attempts to undermine Dr. Masters and prove himself a capable doctor.

Season 1[]



Virginia Johnson - friend and sexual partner (Season 1)



  • First year Fellow
  • First experiments sexually with Virginia Johnson