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Parliament of Owls is the first episode of Season 3 of Masters of Sex.


Bill and Virginia are about to publish their work as they do their first press conference for their upcoming book Human Sexual Response; Libby suffers from depression.


In 1965, Bill and Virginia are at a hotel in Boston for a press conference to promote their book Human Sexual Response, due to be released in several months.

Four months earlier, Bill is given a printed version of Human Sexual Response. Soon after, he, Libby, Virginia, and their respective children all go to a lake house for a Summer vacation. Bill does not enjoy the time with family.

Henry is hit by a car and is sent to the emergency room--even though he is fine. Virginia finds out that he enlisted in the army to serve in the Vietnam War. Considering he is about to turn 18, there is not much he can do about it. Virginia contacts George, only to hear that he encouraged Henry. After the two have a heartfelt moment, the two have sex.

At the lake house, Bill finds Tessa drunk in the bathtub, and Tessa tries to kiss him naked. Johnny sees this, and in a fit of rage against Bill, throws the book manuscript in the lake. Bill is about to beat him, but after realizing how much like his father he is, stops and tells Johnny to go back inside.

Back at the press conference, Bill sees Virginia's dress unstrapped. Afterwards, he follows Virginia into the bathroom where she has been throwing up, and suspects that Virginia is pregnant.




The book tour takes place in October 1965, while the family vacation should take place in June/July 1965.