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The Excitement of Release is the third episode of Season 3 of Masters of Sex.


The book is released and has impacts on everyone's lives; Bill begins soliciting colleges to get Human Sexual Response used as a textbook; Virginia looks for an investor.


Human Sexual Response is officially released. Bill and Virginia are both pleased by the favorable reception among critics. However, Bill is distraught by the polarized reception from the public, particularly among those in the religious community.

The book, however, does not do financially well. Betty suggests that Bill and Virginia begin looking for an investor, but Bill begins looking at various Universities, hoping the book could be used as a textbook. After meeting with different Universities, Bill goes to Washington University, and discovers Barton still works there. Frustrated with Chancellor Fitzhugh, Bill storms out and offers Barton a position at the clinic.

Virginia begins looking for an investor. She seems interested in taking on Hugh Hefner from Playboy, but Bill says he does not want to be associated with Playboy, and agrees on Dan Logan, a perfume magnate.







This episode apparently takes place two months after Lisa is born, so that would make it Summer 1966. That would be a little strange, considering Tessa is in school, however. Bill says that hell is "no worse than St. Louis in August", so that might be a reference to the month. It would make the most sense that it is August 1966.